GP19 to include a wider variety of presentation types

As GP19 transitions to a clinical conference you will also see more presentation types being delivered. The program will ensure that your preferred learning style is met, whether that be learning in a traditional auditorium style presentation or being involved in a case study presentation.

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This is where you intend to use equipment or conduct activities that would require attendees to move around and/or be physically engaged in an activity.

This is where you encourage attendees to interact with each other in small groups as part of your presentations.

For this type of session presenters are encouraged to engage the audience in discussion on the case study.

These are encouraged to be dynamic and highly engaging (like a TedTalk style presentation)

This style of presentation is where you have multiple speakers each presenting to a small group and they then rotate and present the same presentation to each group in the room.

This style of presentation is where 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each. This format keeps the presentations concise and fast-paced.

This is a presentation style that includes a 10 minute talk about something that you have learned or something new you have tried that worked well in practice. This is then followed by 5 minutes of questions or discussions.

Posters are portrait, A0 size and hard copy. They will be displayed in the exhibition hall for informal discussions during the conference meal breaks.

The GP19 program will be available late-May.